Range Day

Firearms skill development is as much a responsibility as it a right. And, like most learned skills - they are perishable. Come on out to the private Double Tapp range and get some trigger time and coaching in an open shoot, skill development format. If you’re looking to hit an advanced class - here’s your chance to perfect the basics.This isn't a formal class!  At only $40 per shooter for the entire session, it's a great way to get some trigger time without the pressure of hourly range rates, and wait lists! One of our instructors will be there providing tips and monitoring to ensure everyone is safe.If this doesn't get you excited - I'm not sure what will! No pressure, low cost, professional staff onsite to offer coaching if needed!
  • Training Schedule

    Show up as early as 10AM and shoot until the session ends.  Sessions run from 10AM to 3PM MST.  I'd recommend showing by 2PM at the latest to ensure you get your moneys worth.  The IDS team will be closing the range at 3PM. 

  • What to bring...

    Bring your favorite static/paper targets, pistols, and ammunition.  Some target stands will be available - first come first serve.  This is a closed/private range, so no trash, TV's or items you wouldn't want in your front yard should be used as targets.  


    Shooters are responsible for their own safety equipment.  Please ensure all on the range have appropriate eye and ear protection, as well as appropriate clothing.  Finally, kids are welcome provided they are closely supervised by an adult at all times. 

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