"Our goal is elevating the firearms training and standards of our local 2A community and that starts with you our students, neighbors, family and friends.  

Your firearms training will be principle based and designed to ensure you can responsibly, ethically, and effectively carry and if necessary deploy their firearms. The training is challenging, standards are high, but you're never alone. We'll be with you for every step, rep, and round until you've passed."

Ben Anguiano
Chief Instructor


Let us be the first to welcome you to a community of amazing people and professionals!  You've made a great choice to exercise your 2Amendment rights and we're going to make this as easy, stress free, and fun to get started!

Knowing where to start, especially if you're a new gun owner or just new to professional firearms training can be intimidating, scary, and pretty stressful.  We get it because we remember being there too! We've got you covered from your first step, rep, and round until you've reached your ultimate goals.

Most of our clients continue to train with us because we understand what it's like to be brand new, or self taught.  We've designed all of our classes around students to maximize comfort and confidence with the subject matter as well as the practice.


Below are the most popular starting points depending on your level of experience, comfort, and immediate goals. To get the most out of your training, whether you take our private lesson or group classes listed below, be honest about where you're really at with your skills.  Then, pick a class or goal to match!

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Ideal for new gun owners, or those returning after a long break.  This class focuses on the basics with the primary focus on defining safe gun handling, practices, and personal defense.  Knowing and adopting these core principles is key to long term success and the foundational block of personal defense.  This is a live fire class and students can expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds in the 5 hour class.  Already know this?  Then go to the next step!


Enhanced Concealed Carry

You're pretty confident, ready to learn at a bit faster pace, and put in some work.  Safety remains a core focus, but; we're equally focused on developing the ability to manage expectations, stress, and environment while carrying our firearms.  We'll continue perfecting the fundamentals while engaging multiple threats and targets at multiple distances.  Expect about 10-12 hours of training and a minimum of 150 rounds of life fire.

Or, maybe you want the permit, but; you want ALL of the training AND the permit... then the next option is for you...



This is for those ready to train well beyond the limits of 90% of permit classes! The permit requirements are easily met, and sign of is included with successful completion.  But.. a permit is useless when facing a threat!  This class includes about 20 hours of training design to take you into the deep end of defensive pistol!  It's a crawl-walk-run approach but you will be putting in the work!  This is an exclusive training opportunity for those serious about doing it right.. and aren't chasing a permit... they want to train for the fight and learn to fight to win!

If that's you - You'll need about 700 rounds, a long weekend, an unwavering work ethic and commitment to your best. 


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