Negligence, Comfort and Speed Traps

I would normally schedule a blog post for once a week, or every two weeks depending on the cadence of events happening in the month. But, this is number 3 for me this week and this one is a must post vs want to post.

There's been a string of events of late that honestly has me frustrated as an instructor. And, as of this writing, I'm frustrated and challenged to find a solution. With that, let's get after it - rip the bandaid off, or in this case, lot's of bandaids, gauze, and dressings:

From Facebook today:

The writer, Stacy, recounts the events leading up to what was a negligent discharge of the firearm resulting in a self inflicted gunshot wound. Ultimately, his self evaluation is humble, and from a servants heart to help. Out of respect for his intention, we will also do the same.


  • Comfort and Complacency - the action he took was not unfamiliar, or infrequent. This is often the curse of many who go through the motion without the appropriate cerebral connection. This was likely the case of for the second scenario below as well. Moral of the story - if it can kill you or someone you love - give it the full attention it's due or wait until you can.

  • Gear matters! I make zero (0) dollars from the sale of holsters! But, yet am a huge advocate for getting great holsters and recommend companies I use, have used, and will use again. Why? Before I answer that, let me ask a question and I hope to receive some responses! Many new shooters have an incredibly healthy and appropriate fear and respect for firearms. The understanding and appreciation for what the firearm can do is not lost on most. Why then are so many okay with using "this should be good enough" holsters to control something with so much life changing/taking force? I'm not saying that was Stacy's situation or attitude - but as an instructor and an occasional big box store (with a W) shopper, I've seen the cheap ass contraptions some carry their firearms in and it confounds me.

Another Facebook Post: