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Quality belt options on a budget

Great week of training! I hope yours was amazing and productive!

This post is a quick follow up to last weeks post about the importance of a having a high quality, dependable, and reliable belt! And full disclosure, I purchased another belt from Trojan Horse Customs and it's exactly like the one in last weeks blog and shown here (pro tip - we have ProShop pricing) :

As a true Appendix Concealed Carry practitioner, I wanted the strength and rigidity of my range belts with a low profile closure. This fits the bill perfectly! I’m sure this will get my first shot in target time down from 1.3 a 1.5 seconds to sub 1 second! Seriously - the quality of the belts are amazing! I’d recommend these made in the US by a veteran owned company rigs above most. But you do have other options. I own and use several 5.11 Tactical belts depending on the application and training and if not on me, are always available as loaners for my classes because I trust them to perform. 5.11 offers several thicknesses and closures and available directly from 5.11 Tactical, or Amazon, as well as retailers.

For a less aggressive and obvious tactical belt for casual everyday use, other options are showing signs of traction by shooter. And, again full disclosure, I do NOT own this belt nor have I used the belt. But, the reviews are positive and another US made contender.

Remember the key considerations of strength, fit, secure closure, and rigidity when looking for a gun belt. You and should expect to pay $50-$100 for a great EDC belt. Don’t go cheap here! The price of a failing belt can be more than you can afford!

Any questions - reach out! Our team has years of experience testing, running, and crushing gear.

Stay Safe - Train!


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