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Unlock Your Self-Defense Potential with Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit Training!

Unlock a world of self-defense possibilities with our Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit (ECWP) training, a program that surpasses the minimum standards to provide you with exceptional expertise. Our unwavering commitment is to offer you not just a course, but an empowering journey. At our training facility, we pride ourselves on delivering focused instruction and coaching tailored to each individual student. Our professional and highly trained instructors are dedicated to your success, making it their mission to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible concealed carry.

We understand that the learning environment plays a crucial role in your development. That's why we prioritize creating an exceptionally personalized experience for every participant. Our classrooms and shooting ranges provide a comfortable, motivational, and safe setting, ensuring you feel at ease while striving for excellence. You'll be encouraged and motivated throughout your journey, surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your commitment to self-defense and responsible gun ownership.

We don't just teach the basics; our approach is rooted in data-driven training exercises and discussions. We believe in the power of information, and we use it to enhance your understanding and practical skills. With our Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit training, you'll not only meet the required standards but exceed them, stepping into the world of self-defense with confidence and competence. Join us, and let's embark on this empowering journey together.


Join Our Expert Instructors for Comprehensive Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Training!


This class is designed for your busy lifestyle.  We get it - life happens and while training is a priority, it can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule.  This class takes our full day Level 1 class and breaks into 2 sessions:

Part 1: Legal Aspects of Defensive use of Firearms

In our Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Permit (ECP) training program, you'll receive exceptional legal classroom instruction from a highly experienced attorney who also happens to be a professional firearms instructor. With a deep understanding of Idaho's intricate gun laws, this dual-expertise instructor provides invaluable insights into the legal aspects of concealed carry. Their expertise ensures you're not just proficient in handling firearms, but also well-versed in the legalities that surround them. To back up our commitment to your legal education, here are some reference links to essential Idaho laws related to enhanced concealed carry:

Feel confident and knowledgeable about your rights and responsibilities as a concealed carry permit holder with our comprehensive ECP training.


Part 2 - Range Day - Approximately 6-7 Hours. This is where you'll put what you've learned in the classroom into practice.  We'll do a review to make sure we're all in sync with the what, and how's of firearms safety, manipulation and management.  After the review... you'll start slow and progressively build to your short qualification course of fire.

Class Location:

Class locations very between Boise and Eagle, ID depending on class size and availability.  The location of the class will be sent out prior to the class to ensure students have adequate time to prepare.   Both classes location are centrally located for maximum convenience.


Range Session:

Range day will be scheduled on subsequent Saturday, or Sunday depending on range availability and class participation.  Range session is at Double Tapp Boise  - Private Range.  

The for directions to the Range, see

Available Dates

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