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Training isn't just for the range...

Strengthen your heart, recovery, and reflexes
Strength training is key to stress response

Don't get me wrong - my favorite training is on the range! Trigger time and group therapy is at the top of my list of best ways to unwind and get out of my head from long days in the office. But, realistically, if that was my only training regiment I'd be missing out on core benefits from strength, resistance, and cardio training that can directly improve my performance on the range.

Here's a quick list of benefits of a balanced training regiment that includes components of weight and resistance training as well as cardio. Yes...cardio needs to be in the mix as well for all my brothers and sisters of metal (the kind measured in fps as well as lbs) :

  1. Strength - Improved grip strength, stance, presentation, and recoil management

  2. Reaction - Reflex improvement, responsiveness, flexibility, and mobility

  3. Conditioning - Heart rate control, reduced recovery time, and timing

  4. Focus - Increase ability to focus, maintain intensity, and think through the discomfort

  5. Stress Inoculation - Improve your ability to respond to sustained stress, and push through

Here's the reality of what we do and why we train for the fight - to win - to survive - to protect our loved ones. This gets exponentially harder to do if we're not ready physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. If it hits the fan, the determining factor of survivability may come down to your ability to push yourself mentally and physically harder, longer, and faster than your threat.

Get off the couch, get moving, push yourself, and get your defensive tactics fully integrated into all aspects of your training! Go!

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