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Know the why behind your training...

Shooters - I know it's been a while - the Integrated Defensive team has been busy training and getting trained. And, as your instructor it's important for me to help relate and at time translate what's happening in the community locally, and beyond. Arguably the most important fundamental of what we do on and off the range in our training is the cerebral training.

Here's a quick video I posted on FB and IG about understanding the "why" of training. Let's get a conversation going and tell me what you think, or what questions you have on what you've learned, or seen and it's applicability in defensive shooting.

If you've been on the range, and on the line in our of our classes - you've heard me say it... You have got to keep your head in the game and thinking - constantly. And not just about trigger squeeze, sight alignment or recoil management. You need to know the "why" of each step and sequence of your training.

Why we do what we do is incredibly important and we should work hard to ensure the principles of what we train is applicable - you're going to trust your life to what you're developing. It matters! This is coming from a guy that loves tactical, and yes at times trained the tacticool stuff because it was what I saw but didn't really understand. Some things I still train today, others - gone! Gone because they didn't translate and would likely never manifest in a real world defensive situation.

Here's the point - train hard, train often, and train right! If you don't know if you're training right - like every other area of your professional and personal lives, ask questions and question fearlessly. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and others (respectfully). This isn't defensive golf, or defensive frisbee or lawn darts (miss those), it's defensive - may safe my life and my family - training. Give it the thought and respect the subject deserves.


Your Instructor

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