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November 4 Enhanced Concealed Carry Defensive Pistol
  • November 4 Enhanced Concealed Carry Defensive Pistol


    Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Training for the Treasure Valley. Training that far exceeds permit requirements. Our standards are designed to maximize your survivability! Permits are important - but irrelevant in a fight for your life.


      This class is designed for your busy lifestyle.  We get it - life happens and while training is a priority, it can be difficult to fit into a busy schedule.  This class takes our full day Level 1 class and breaks into 2 sessions:

      Part 1:   This block of instruction will cover the LEGAL requirements for Enhanced Concealed Carry as well as safety and range protocols, safe gun handling, manipulation, and management.  This includes Stance, Grip, Draw, Presentation, Sight Alignment and Picture. 


      Part 2 - Range Day - Approximately 6-7 Hours. This is where you'll put what you've learned in the classroom into practice.  We'll do a review to make sure we're all in sync with the what, and how's of firearms safety, manipulation and management.  After the review... you'll start slow and progressively build to your short qualification course of fire.  

      Class Location:

      Class locations very between Boise and Eagle, ID depending on class size and availability.  The location of the class will be sent out prior to the class to ensure students have adequate time to prepare.   Both classes location are centrally located for maximum convenience.

      Range Session:

      Range day will be scheduled on subsequent Saturday, or Sunday depending on range availability and class participation.  Range session is at Double Tapp Boise  - Private Range.  

      The for directions to the Range, see

      Waivers are required for this course -


      Cancelations can be requested up to 72 hours prior to the event start date.  Students can also request to have class fees applied as credit to future classes in lieu of a cancelation.  Cancelations requested within the 24 hour timeframe is at the descretion of the instructors, and commitments of range, and other resources.


      We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Customers not 100% satisfied will be refunded the full value of the class, or have the value of the class applied to a future class. 


      Student is responsible for providing all required safety equipment to include adequate vision and hearing protection, billed hat, close toed shoes, weather appropriate clothing, close collared shirt ( not low cut, or open collar shirts ), sufficient water for duration of course, food and snacks, and folding chairs, sunscreen, and other required personal safety/medically necessary equipment.


      Required equipment (unless otherwise agreed upon and discussed with instructor prior to class)


      Kydex Outside or the waistband Holster (no mechanical retention, Serpa type holsters)

      Mag Pouches - 2 magazine capacity

      3 Magazines (or speed reloader, moon clips for revolvers)

      Defensive Pistol - Defensive caliber (.380 or higher)

      Sturdy Belt - Typical dress and fashion belts will break

      Ammunition - 300 Rounds Range quality, FMJ preferred (NO tracer or similar rounds)

      ** No shoulder holsters, cross draw rigs, or Appendix, or behind the back unless approved by instructor prior to class - NO exceptions

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