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Defensive Pistol Level 1.5
  • Defensive Pistol Level 1.5


    You've completed a level one class or Enhanced Concealed Carry or, it's been a while since you've been on the range, or you're thinking about taking your shooting to the next level. Here’s your next training opportunity! Here you’ll work on moving the gun while engaging multiple targets, you’ll be moving as well to simulate getting off the line of attack or “X”. Trigger management is taken to the next level as well as we push our speed drills a bit faster as we work with the shots timer and reactionary drills! You’ll need a minimum of 250 Rounds of defense ammo.


      Defensive Pistol Level 1.5 is the next step in your evolution to becoming the best prepared shooter you can be!  Get ready to go from static to dynamic!  This isn't your typical class - come ready to work!   We'll be drilling and building on the foundations and:


      • Principles of movement
      • Lateral, offensive, and retreating movements
      • Reflex response to threat
      • Reload refinements
      • Malfunction clearing


      Recommended ammunition for this class is approximately 200-250 rounds and be prepared to work. Look forward to seeing you on the range!


      Where - DoubleTapp Private Range -


      Waiver required -


      Cancelations can be requested up to 72 hours prior to the event start date.  Students can also request to have class fees applied as credit to future classes in lieu of a cancelation.  Cancelations requested within the 24 hour timeframe is at the descretion of the instructors, and commitments of range, and other resources.


      We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Customers not 100% satisfied will be refunded the full value of the class, or have the value of the class applied to a future class. 


      Bring your defensive pistol and ammunition, a holster or case, magazines, sturdy belt, ball cap, eye protection, ear protection, water and snacks.  


      Don't have a pistol - that's okay.  Rent a 9MM from our pro shop for $50.00.  You just need to bring the ammo and the rest of your personal gear!

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