Sanctuary Sheepdog Range Day

Sanctuary Sheepdog Range Day

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This is a closed session specifically for Church, House of Worship Security Team members.  Details of training sessions are not shared with the general public to ensure staff methodolgies are protected.  This session is designed for shooters that are proficient and actively training.  If you're a new shooter, or looking to learn the basics and foundational disciplines, please contact us or jump into our next Level 1 class.

  • Training Schedule

    Show up as early as 10AM and shoot until the session ends.  Sessions run from 10AM to 1PM MST.  Some targets and training aids will be available, but; if you have specifc targets you'd like to engage with, or scenarios you'd like to cover - contact me and we'll see what we can do to accommodate.

  • What to bring...

    Bring your favorite static/paper targets, pistols, and ammunition.  Some target stands will be available - first come first serve.  This is a closed/private range, so no trash, TV's or items you wouldn't want in your front yard should be used as targets.  


    Shooters are responsible for their own safety equipment.  Please ensure all on the range have appropriate eye and ear protection, as well as appropriate clothing.  Finally, kids are welcome provided they are closely supervised by an adult at all times. 

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