Level 1 - Defensive Pistol

Level 1 - Defensive Pistol


A phenomenal class for those looking to develop their defensive shooting skills.  Students will learn safe and effective pistol handling, presentation from the holster, loading and unloading, differences between marksmanship and defensive accuracy, sight alignment, trigger control, single and multiple target acquisition, malfunction clearing, reloads, all with drills for skill development.  Students will also be introduced to intuitive defensive shooting and cognitive loading while shooting - a great primer into what to expect for level 2 and beyond!


Our professional instructors are experienced will ensure a safe, fun, and exciting day that will include a solid review of the fundamentals then transition to holster work, presentation, and putting effective rounds on target and winning the fight. Come ready with a coachable attitude, and expect to shoot a lot! 250 - 300 rounds.


    From the basics of gun safety, then to stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control, and follow through to presentation from the holster, multile shots on target and combat reloads.  Shooters can expect to develop a solid foundation of defensive pistol with an introduction to intuitive defensive shooting and cognitive loading with practical pistol skills.


    Class starts at 9AM at the Stage Stop for a comfortable classroom instruction session where we cover the firearms safety, safe gun handling, and some of the fundamentals of range operations.  At about 10:30AM we'll transition to the range for gear up and getting to work!  


    The for directions to the Range, see https://www.integrateddefensive.com/range


    Waivers are required for this course - https://www.integrateddefensive.com/waiver


    Cancelations can be requested up to 24 hours prior to the event start date.  Students can also request to have class fees applied as credit to future classes in lieu of a cancelation.  Cancelations requested within the 24 hour timeframe is at the descretion of the instructors, and commitments of range, and other resources.


    We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Customers not 100% satisfied will be refunded the full value of the class, or have the value of the class applied to a future class. 


    Bring your defensive pistol and ammunition, a holster or case, magazines, sturdy belt, ball cap, eye protection, ear protection, water and snacks.  Expect to shoot a lot - bring 250-300 rounds of your favorite target ammunition.  Dress for the weather and safety.  Close toe shoes required, hiking boots, or tactical shoes/boots preferred.


    Don't have a pistol - that's okay.  Rent a 9MM from our pro shop for $50.00.  You just need to bring the ammo and the rest of your personal gear!

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