EDC Pro 1.5" Cobra Tactical Belt

EDC Pro 1.5" Cobra Tactical Belt


The Trojan Horse EDC belt is the perfect choice for anyone looking to cover all the bases.  It’s rigid enough to carry the weight of anything you might want to hang off of it, but not so stiff it feels like you are trying to bend rebar through your belt loops.  The belt is made up of a double layer of inch and a half scuba webbing with a layer of one inch mil-spec webbing sewn on top.


To hold down the tail we sew on a five inch section of mil-spec hook and a 10 inch long piece of matching mil-spec loop.  We also pay attention to the minor details.  We color match the tread to the material on the inside as well as the outside, so you won’t have lines of color running down the inside of the belt.  We know it isn’t necessary, but we think it gives the belt a cleaner look.  With up to eight lines of heavy weight bonded thread it should be something you can hand down along with that pistol.  You can order your Trojan Horse EDC belt with either the popular Cobra buckle or the lower profile g-hook.  Both have a reputation of keeping things where you put them.

Base Layer (1.5")
Outer Layer (1.0")
Men's belt size
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