Winchester 9MM -  124gr FMJ, 250 Rounds

Winchester 9MM - 124gr FMJ, 250 Rounds


Purchase of ammunition if reserved for IDS students and for use in a scheduled IDS class - no exceptions.  Ammo will be delivered to the student at the time of the class - no shipping or exceptions.  While supplies last, students can purchase 1 lot (250 rounds per paid IDS shooting class).  If you'd like buy this in bulk, pricing will be adjusted to market value based on current demand (approximately $600 per 1000 rnds).  


Winchester white box ammunication is one of the best and most reliable ammunication on the market.  This is new factory ammunition, not reloads.  And, this isn't your just the cheapest ammo we can find... it's high quality and 124GR FMJ.  Supplies are limited and once this is gone, it's gone. 



  • Quantities limited

    Quantities limited to 1 per person, per class.  Orders for multiples that exceed that matching class count will be canceled, and a 10% fee will be retained in the refunded amount to offset the processing fees.  

    It's not our intention to be overbearing. Rather, to protect the quantities available to ensure our students have the ammunition needed to complete their training.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

  • Returns

    Returns for full purchase amounts are available provided the ammunition has not been out of the possession of IDS, and the purchasor has a valid class registration paid in full.  Other returns will prior to deliver will incur a 10% processing fee.   No returns will be accepted/processed if the ammunition has been delivered, and out of the control of IDS staff.

  • Case Quantities - 1000 rounds per case

    If you are interested in purchasing case quantities.  There are a few cases available of the same brand and bullet weight.  However, this is first come and first serve and pricing is subject to current market value for replacement of same quantity, manufacturer, and bullet weight.  Sales are limited to ID only.  No shipping available, pick up is required.

    If you're interested in purchasing a full case, please email Ben  at


    Thank you,

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