The right training will keep you alive!

The permit will keep you out of jail.

Let that sink in for a minute...

Hopefully the headline grabbed your attention.  If it did, good!  It means you're probably switched on and now you're trying to understand why the heck I wrote that.  It's not a gimmick, or a fancy hook.  It's not meant to be sensational.  And, hopefully it's not something that needs a lot of explanation!  If you need to test the above statements - Image throwing your permit at someone who's trying to car jack you with your family in the backseat, or throw it at them when they're kicking in your front door while your family is sleeping?  The permit is useless in the context of a deadly encounter.  

The Permit is useless in a deadly encounter

Prioritize your training

Not the permit...

We get it!  You want the permit to carry legally! And, that's exactly the right thing to do if your city, county, or state requires it.  But, a permit in it of itself certifies you've done the absolute minimum required to carry legally.  Is that what's required to survive a deadly threat?  Years of training and studying encounters and threats and acts of violence provides the student with a resoundingly clear answer to that question - Absolutely Not!!


Seriously, why are you getting the permit?  Is it because you think someone may steel your car?  Steel your wallet? Take your personal possessions?  If so, the permit isn't going to help keep you out of jail.  If that's your motivation, just leave now... you need to reprioritize your thinking and approach to personal defense and security.  Don't get me wrong - I strongly believe in defending what's mine.  But, things and life are in the balance - life wins every time.  

Concealed Carry Trap