About Us


Integrated Defensive Solutions was founded to bring our customers the most up to date and practical training available.  The training is relevant, intentional, and principle based with a single focus - equipping you to win the fight should it come.

Five Stars

The Five Stars above our crest and shield represent the core values and pillars of our company and what we believe is paramount to training for the fight. Starting with the center largest and most important star:

  • Moral authority and accountability 

  • Conviction and courage

  • Physical training and preparation

  • Tactics and training

  • Service and sacrifice

These values are engrained in every aspect of our business and what you can expect from every team member at IDS.

Service Guarantee

We believe strongly that we serve you, our valued customer.  If you're not 100% satisfied with the level of instruction, or training - please let us know.  If we can't make it right, you'll receive your class tuition refunded, or your next class is on us!  

Military and First Responders

We proudly support our Military, and First Responders.  That's why we provide a minimum 10% discount to the active member as well as their spouse.  Without them, iDS wouldn't exist...Gratefully we say thank you!!